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Manuscript best practice HTTP vs. HTTPS

== How can I implement CETAF Stable Identifiers for my collection? ==

(then add this subsection)

=== HTTP vs. HTTPS versions of CETAF URIs ===

As far as the Semantic web is concerned http://xyz and https://xyz are different things because they are different URIs. The recommendation for new implementations should be just to use HTTPS. If you have only HTTP or HTTPS versions, or want to change it you should take notice of the following:

  • have issued only HTTP versions of CETAF URIs and want to keep it that way
  • have nothing to add technically, just have a the usual 303 HTTP redirect to RDF or HTML resources in place
  • have issued only HTTPS versions of CETAF URIs
  • don’t need to resolve then HTTP if you have never issued any, because they aren’t out there to be resolved.
Want to change HTTP to HTTPS
  • have issued HTTP versions of CETAF URIs but want to change to HTTPS
  • have to keep resolving with a 303 redirect to HTTPS of the RDF or HTML resources. The RDF should contain an owl:sameAs assertion linking the HTTP and HTTPS versions of the URI. Therefore only minor configure stuff for providers and transparent for users.
  • could change to telling people to cite HTTPS rather than HTTP for your specimens but it shouldn’t matter too much as these things are linked together. The recommendation would be to cite as HTTPS if you have it implemented as at some point in the future a client may refuse to trust even a redirect from an HTTP URI (which is a bit paranoid but may happen).

Is anything missing ? Later perhaps link to an example with owl:sameAs? --Andreas Plank (talk) 12:05, 7 May 2020 (CEST)