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Images are provided in ABCD using the repeatable MultimediaObject node, meaning multiple objects per specimen can be provided in a single ABCD record. Thus, the IIIF manifest can be included in a similar way as for DarwinCore Archives - by adding another MultimediaObject entry equivalent to the Audubon Core extension record as in the example below.

Example of RDF-XML of ABCD showing inclusion of IIIF Manifest link

This should allow GBIF to harvest IIIF manifests from ABCD in the same manner as for DarwinCore archives.

ABCD is also used for delivering multimedia objects to Europeana, the European virtual library for cultural objects, by OpenUp!, the natural history aggregator. Europeana already uses IIIF to incorporate images into the data portal, and Openup! is currently testing provision of IIIF manifests in the way described above.

IIIF in Europeanas data portal: BGBM specimen provided using ABCD

Caution: Do not assume that providing a link to a IIIF manifest has to replace existing links to JPG and other media types. IIIF can be provided alongside existing mechanisms for sharing media objects. Even in new installations it may be convenient to also publish direct links to lower resolution JPG images so as to maximise compatibility. This could be achieved by linking directly to the IIIF Image API with a URI specifying an appropriate image size.

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